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Fire Protection and Allied Services (FPAS)    

1) Independent Fire Risk Assessment

Our comprehensive approach to Fire Risk Assessment means:

• Ensure full compliance with Local and International fire safety regulations.

• Reduce the risk of fire in your premises.

• Help you to develop safe guards to protect staff and visitors.

• Reduces the risk of fire to your assets.

• Ensures in the unlikely event of a fire in your premises, damage and danger are minimal.


2) Expert Consulting Services

Required for renovations alterations and change of use of buildings.

3) Stipulation of Fire safety requirements

As per the ICTAD Fire Regulations and Fire Service Department requirements applicable to construction of buildings.

4) Preparation of Auto-Cad designs

Design of Fire Protection Systems as per the soft copies prepared for the buildings.


5) Preparation of Bill Of Quantities

Bill of Quantities (BOQ) as per the Fire Protection design requirements.


6) Preparation of Engineering Estimates

Engineering Estimates as per the BOQ


7) Assisting client in technical evaluation of bids received

To facilitate clients in selecting the lowest responsive offer.


8) Fire Safety Training

Training courses to suit all level of staff. (Group Training)


9) Supervised Evacuation drills

To test the evacuation procedure and the related actions in a fire emergency. 10) Performance based Fire Safety Solutions To permit any solutions that meets the performance requirements stipulated by the Fire Regulations.


11) Design of Central LPG systems

Apartments/Condominiums, Kitchens, Hotels, Bulk Storage Terminals, Laboratories


12) Thermal imaging technology in detecting defects in electrical/mechanical instruments

Certifying critical Commercial installations for Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and Preventive Maintenance Solutions.


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