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(A). In 1993 November we got down the Surface Mounted Device (SMD) removal equipment to do board level repairs for Medical and Industrial high-tech equipment.

(B). In 1996 June we commissioned and programmed the first Honeywell EXCEL 5000 (DDC Controlled) Intelligent Building Control System for the Bank Of Ceylon Merchant Towers which .20%. of the total energy consumption by implementing PID loop controls for HVAC system.

(C). In 1998 August we installed the latest Multi-Strike Zero maintenance Silicon Junction Avalanche Diode Array Technology which provides the lowest Clamping VPL levels in the industry with a response time of < 5 Nanoseconds at FDK Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. (Subsidiary company of Fujitsu Japan). These systems are specifically designed to protect highly sensitive digital electronics from lightning and transient over voltages.

(D). In October 1999 we introduced the fourth generation type of Bio-Medical test called PYtest 14C- Urea Breath test to detect H. pylori bacteria which causes gastritis and peptic ulcers in the stomach and rated by WHO as the 14th highest death cause and will be the 10th in year 2010. Also it has been categorised as Class 1 Cancerous bacteria and out of 200 infected patients one will die and 50% of the world population is infected with it according to WHO reports.

(E). In January 2002 we introduced the Latest Hi-Speed Free Space Optical Communication Solutions by using Class 1M LASER’s to transmit Data from E10 - 10 Mbps Ethernet, E100 - 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet (Full Duplex) , T - 4/16 Mbps Token-Ring, E1 - 2 Mbps , E2 - 8 Mbps, E3 - 34 Mbps, T1 - 1.5 Mbps, T2 - 6 Mbps, T3 - 45 Mbps, Video, ATM – 155 Mbps, 1.25Gbps & SONET- 2.5Gbps. No Routers or additional hardware required. The two ends will be directly connected to a normal Fiber Switch (SC or ST Type), Ethernet switch (UTP Type) or to a PBX system for voice communication.

LASER FSO Technology is a USA invention and it is the fourth generation of optical communication arena. STPL was the pioneer in introducing this technology to Sri Lanka. For the past few years leading companies, including Government Organisations and the private sector along with reputed multinational Companies were contracted with the same technology. There is a greater demand for this LASER FSO technology which is still new to Sri Lankan market and no other product to compete with. STPL hold the sole agent/distributorship and has the write to sell the product overseas. LASER FSO is a communication technology that can transmit Video, Voice and Data at speed up to 2.5Gbps (called Virtual Fibre with Zero latency) and it does not need license from Telecommunication Regulatory Commission in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. The LASER FSO technology, being a non-competitive and license-free product, so far has created a good name in the communication field, indicating a great market potential in Sri Lanka as well as in South Asia. STPL hopes to concentrate on this opportunity on top of its other activities.

(F). In February 2002 we introduced the second generation type of Active Harmonic conditioners (AcF) which uses DSP and IGBT technology to compensate harmonics generated by Non-Linear loads to save electricity, improve productivity and efficiency in the Sri Lankan commercial and industrial environments. So I need your help for this project.

(G). In September 2003 we introduced latest fully automated (without any human intervention) Digital IP-Based Intelligent (using Linux OS on-chip Blade Server technology) Security Surveillance DVR Network solution will replace the existing conventional Analogue CCTV VHS based Time-lapse (Outdated) recording / playback security surveillance monitoring system and Video Multiplexes with great advantages like unattended continuous operation without any Physical Intervention, Built-in Motion sensor detection for each camera Event notification via e-mail, View real-time video up to 64-Channels on one screen, Audio recording capability and the simplicity of remote monitoring through a standard web-browser from anywhere around the world with Seven Level password protection feature.

(H). In February 2005 we introduced the latest All-weather walkthrough Indoor / Outdoor M-SCOPE Military Grade Metal Detector by FISHER LABS USA which can detect Ferrous and Non-Ferrous material.

(I). In March 2005 we started certifying mission critical Server rooms / electrical power systems to comply with IEEE 519-1992 (IEEE Recommended Practices and Requirements for Harmonic Control in Electrical Power Systems) and IEEE 1100-1999 (IEEE Recommended Practice for Powering and Grounding Electronic Equipment) guidelines for the first time in Sri Lanka.

(J). In June 2006 we started certifying critical Commercial installations for Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and Preventive Maintenance Solutions by using Thermography with the Latest IR - Thermal Imaging Technology. This Hi-Tech technology can predict Fire Hazards far a head before it takes place (3 to 4 months ahead).

(K). In October 2007 “GreenBuilding” - LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification and ”Urban Heat Islands” Design to minimise the Environment Impact and to reduce Green House Gas Emissions. This is with collaboration of Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Arizona State University. These technical evaluation reports will mainly cover Green Building Design philosophy and will focus on energy efficiency use of Electrical power more efficiently, water efficiency, to reduce CO2 emission levels, sustainable use of natural resources, waste management, use of recycled building materials, adoption of the waste hierarchy (reduce, reuse, recycle, dispose), pollution prevention and finally use of renewable energy technologies “GreenPower” where ever possible and viable.

(L). In November 2011 for the first time in Sri Lanka we have supplied 7 Nos. TruCam LiDAR Speed Detection Guns for the Southern Highway / Katunayake Expressway project, 25 Nos. TruCam LiDAR Speed Detection Guns for Sri Lanka Police 25 divisions delivered on 17th June 2016.

(M). In June 2013 for the first time in Sri Lanka we have supplied 4 Nos. Alcolizer LE 5 Series (Breath test) Ethanol Detection units for Sri Lanka Police.